About Us


DeepLearni.ng started as a secret lab for real-world AI applications at one of Canada’s largest banks. Through a series of groundbreaking experiments, the team rapidly proved the technology’s potential by building and deploying one of the world’s first successful deep learning systems for retail banking.

Fuelled by early successes, DeepLearni.ng’s team left the lab to explore new opportunities for AI applications in 2016. Since then, we have developed new relationships with executives from the world’s leading organizations, helping them advance their ability to translate AI’s potential into sustainable business solutions. 

What we do


DeepLearni.ng helps business leaders learn how to translate AI's potential into measurable value for their organizations.

With support from our team from beginning to end, learn how to identify deep learning’s strengths and limitations, define powerful use cases and ensure a sustainable ROI.


Equip your enterprise with the tools needed to rapidly generate value from AI systems.

Based on an understanding of your distinct business context and objectives, DeepLearni.ng’s AI systems accelerate what's possible for your business.


With the right knowledge and tools in place, you and your team will become more capable of driving deep learning’s potential independently.

Use insights generated from your team's new capabilities to launch new initiatives designed for today's complex and rapidly changing world. 

Who we are

A creative team of industry experts. 

Stephen Piron


Stephen is a technology entrepreneur and a very mediocre computer programmer. He studied Computer Science at the University of Toronto and spent a summer studying artificial intelligence at Stanford in the early 2000s (a time when neural networks were barely acknowledged).

Since then, Stephen has started tech businesses on both sides of the Atlantic that have been featured in WIRED, Fortune and The Wall Street Journal. Between startups, he also designed trading algorithms for the world’s largest hedge fund. 

Eric Lee


Eric Lee graduated from the University of Toronto with a PhD in Physics. His passion for deep learning emerged from years of experience with computer simulations, big data, and mathematical modelling.

While Eric sometimes returns to his researcher roots to dissect the latest deep learning research, these days he primarily focusses on uncovering business applications for DeepLearni.ng partners. Molded by his academic past, Eric is a patient and avid educator. He thoroughly enjoys teasing apart complex concepts into simple pieces, and believes there is no better way to learn than to teach.

Ragavan Thurairatnam


Ragavan has been putting deep learning into production since the deep learning revolution of 2012. He grew up in Toronto and studied at the Lassonde School of Engineering, where he graduated at the top of his class.

Ragavan is also a NEXT Canada alum, and has developed entrepreneurial expertise from some of Canada’s top entrepreneurs and professors from Harvard, MIT and the Rotman School of Management. Since then, he has founded deep learning startups that apply deep learning to real-world problems. In his spare time, Ragavan continues to refine a rap album first conceived in 2015, titled May Your Idols Become Your Rivals.

Vincent F. Wong


Vincent has more than 10 years of banking experience, specializing in IT infrastructure and vendor risk management. Setting into motion DeepLearni.ng’s origins as a secret machine learning lab at one of Canada’s largest banks, Vincent helped the team earn their knowledge stripes across several verticals in the industry.

Vincent excels at augmenting the strengths of those around him, creating a more valuable whole from very talented pieces. Invested in deep learning’s applications for business, Vincent is equally passionate about deep learning’s potential to effect positive transformations in our society.

Matthew Killi

Head of Deep Learning Development

Prior to joining the DeepLearni.ng team, Matthew earned his PhD in Physics at the University of Toronto’s Centre for Quantum Materials. He was also a management consultant for McKinsey & Company, where he helped business leaders from diverse industries leverage disruptive technologies to create business growth.

Merging theoretical and applied expertise, Matthew now works closely with business leaders to unlock latent value from data using machine learning systems. Building on his previous consulting experience, Matthew is an expert at clarifying what today’s machine learning technologies can and cannot do for business.

Victor Anjos

Chief of Technology

Victor studied computer science, math and physics at the University of Toronto and quickly developed a career in hardware, networking engineering and IT security at places including SUN Microsystems, HSBC and Shaw Media.

Victor later transitioned to the startup world, and now contributes his industry expertise at DeepLearni.ng. Victor is a master at managing development production goals and cultivating his team's personal and professional development. In his spare time, Victor teaches his craft to the Toronto community, all while co-founding and running Data for Good, a not-for-profit with more than 2,500 volunteers across Canada.