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Elevate your perspective with Frontiers™

Deep learning is a breakthrough technology that offers enterprise teams an unprecedented way to navigate the world’s complexity. 

Designed to thrive on huge amounts of data, deep learning rapidly unlocks new and powerful ways of understanding how each part of your business relates to the big picture. Scalable at every level of business, deep learning is already transforming the way enterprises work.

Ready to begin? Frontiers™ is our deep learning platform designed to advance organizational mastery of the technology with unmatched velocity. Frontiers™ also helps teams quickly gain perspective on how the technology works and how it can be best leveraged to generate business value.

Mission control: end-to-end
tools for deep learning deployment

Without a platform, introducing machine learning to enterprise requires vast amounts of time and resources, making it hard to measure the technology’s real business impact.

From data preparation to monitoring of results, Frontiers' end-to-end capabilities streamline the time, resources and risk required to build, prototype, deploy and monitor the results of your organization’s machine learning capabilities.


Level up with Frontiers™

  • Predict future business outcomes leveraging historical data
  • Understand customer diversity and create personalized experiences
  • Optimize operations using real-time data for maximum efficiency
  • Rapidly accelerate time to actionable insights from data
  • Connect the dots and visualize relationships within unstructured data


Neural network infrastructure

Features a suite of models designed to process vast amounts of structured and unstructured data. Frontiers™ supports TensorFlow, Theano, CNTK, Keras, NLTK, SpaCy and also comes with a toolkit of pre-trained models. Compatible with all cloud and on-premise infrastructures, with no additional hardware requirements.

Machine learning fundamentals

Frontiers™ is also equipped with the tools you need to run simple but powerful machine learning models that don’t require deep neural networks’ complexity. Cluster, classify and benchmark your data using this suite of simpler but still impactful machine learning models.

Security and management tools

Manage and monitor a portfolio of ongoing data experiments. Boost departmental planning with a suite of tools designed to control and manage cost, time and resources of the experiments. Frontiers™ is also designed to meet the strictest enterprise cloud and cluster security requirements.

How to get Frontiers™

Frontiers™ is currently available as a platform for enterprises working closely with’s experts to design and deploy deep learning models. The platform helps us work closely with business experts to translate their unique data assets and business objectives for deep learning frameworks.

Learn more about Frontiers™ and its key role in our deployment of deep learning models powered for enterprises’ distinct set of technological and organizational requirements.