Machine Learning Monthly: August 2017


Today's solar eclipse has everyone excited at! Some have even decided to take a road trip to Nashville where the sun won't shine for close to 2 minutes. What does this have to do with machine learning? More than you might think.

Enjoy our August edition of ML monthly, and don't forget your safety glasses! 

The Big Picture

Fei-Fei Li's Imagenet: The data that transformed AI research (Quartz)

A strategist's guide to artificial intelligence (Strategy+Business)

How Baidu will win China's AI race (Wired)

Teaching AI systems to behave themselves (NYT)

Real vs imaginary dangers of AI (Wired)

Featured: + Insurance

Press release: Announcing our new partnership with Symbility to modernize insurance

A closer look at our collaborative approach with Symbility, and how we're designing machine learning tools for their business and industry

 We'll be using our machine learning platform Frontiers to acclerate Symbility's machine learning capabilities 

Machine Learning In Industry

An inside look at Ford's bet on Argo AI (The Verge)

How ML is helping Morgan Stanley better understand client needs (HBR)

Why everyone is hating on Watson (Gizmodo)

How deep learning is changing the world of sports (Forbes)

The ML infrastructure at Stripe (Youtube, 32min)

Transitioning entirely to neural network translation (Facebook)

Machine Learning Research

Harnessing the power of ML in your browser via Deeplearn.js (Google)

Microsoft teaching gliders to fly on their own (NYT)

Amazon's competition hopes to teach robots to grasp (Wired)

Using Starcraft II as an AI research environment (DeepMind)

Engaging research papers we've been digesting this month:

Direct-manipulation visualization of deep networks

Meta-SGD: Learning to learn quickly for few shot learning

Assessing retail employee risk through unsupervised learning techniques

Natural language does not emerge "naturally" in multi-agent dialog

Machine teaching: A new paradigm for building machine learning systems

Leveraging demonstrations for deep reinforcement learning on robotics problems with sparse rewards

Machine Learning Monetized

AI chip developer Cambricon nets a $100M series A (China Money Network)

Vicarious raises $50M for robot AI (VentureBeat)

Graphcore closes $30M series B for AI processing hardware (TechCrunch)

Qualcomm acquires ML startup Scyfer (SeekingAlpha)

Andrew Ng is raising $150M for AI Fund (TechCrunch)

Search-driven analytics firm ThoughtSpot secures an additional $60M (Business Insider)