Machine Learning Monthly: June 2017

June 2017

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  • How to deploy deep learning in enterprise (Part 2) - Reflects on the successful outcomes that emerged from our deployment of the first deep learning model for one of the world’s largest retail banks.
  • Our CTO, Victor Anjos, will be speaking at Big Data Toronto on June 21st at 10:30. Victor’s talk will reveal why enterprises need to partner to optimize the deployment of deep learning and also focus on our forthcoming platform Frontiers. Admission to the conference is free and will be full of insights on navigating data complexity. 
  • Our co-founder and co-CEO Eric Lee will give a talk on June 23 at the Global Risk Institute's Global Risk Institute's, The Future of Banking and Financial Services conference. Focussing on deep learning’s impactful potential for finance, Eric will explore how this industry can help democratize AI and the resources needed for successful deployment. 
  • Our co-founder and co-CEO Stephen Piron will present a talk on the unique challenges and potential enterprises encounter when deploying deep learning models at OpenText's Enterprise World conference on July 13th. The conference features an exciting variety of TED-style presentations and we’re excited to be presenting.

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