Machine Learning Monthly: October 2017

15 October, 2017

The Big Picture

A new key for unlocking deep learning's black box problem (Quanta)
Interview with Pulitzer Prize winning cognitive scientist Douglas Hofstadter: AI is not so smart(Quartz)
AI + everyday life: how do Americans perceive AI's impact? (PEW Research Centre)
A new kind of evangelist: Anthony Levandowski and his plans for an AI religion (WIRED)
Rip it up and start again: Geoff Hinton calls for a new wave in AI (MIT Technology Review)
How does machine intelligence read and write the world? (Places) News

We've got some exciting engagements planned for this month at conferences and events in Toronto, Washington D.C. and Bermuda:

  • We'll be at hosting a booth at Sibos' Canadian Fintech Corner tomorrow and chatting applications for AI in finance with leaders from around the world. 
  • Our Head of Machine Learning Deployment will be speaking on a panel about AI's real applications at a private conference in Bermuda later this month. 
  • We're gearing up to attend NVIDIA's GTC Conference in Washington on November 1, where our co-founder + co-CEO Eric Lee will give a talk on deploying machine learning in complex enterprise environments. 
  • Our CTO will be talking about some of the infrastructural challenges associated with machine learning deployment for enterprise at the Applied AI Toronto Meetup on October 25.

Machine Learning In Industry

One of the world's largest hedge funds takes a bet on AI (Bloomberg) 
Why the west needs to get China's AI strategy (MIT Technology Review)
Extracting value from machine learning in mining (BCG) 
Enterprise AI strategy: questions to ask before you build vs. buy machine learning applications (Continuations)
Testing out the dial on AI & strategy: an Amazon case study (HBR)
UK pledges its part in the global race to seize AI's economic potential (Bloomberg)

Machine Learning R&D

Developments: AI's new tools 

A new Lattice tables framework for Tensorflow (Tech Crunch)
AutoML: Using software to write software at Google (WIRED)
AWS + Microsoft co-launch Gluon, an open-source deep learning library (ZDNet)
DeepMind launches a new ethics & society research unit (The Guardian)

Research: Articles we've been digesting 

The paper behind Quanta's article on solving deep learning's black box problem  (arXiv)
Deep TAMER: Interactive Agent Shaping in High-Dimensional State Spaces (arXiv)
Removing bias with a Bollywood dataset  (arXiv)
Teaching self-automated AIs new physical tasks with competitive self-play (Open AI)

Machine Learning Monetized

SoftBank's CEO on his billion dollar Vision Fund for AI + automation (The New York Times)
SoftBank leads $93M investment in Pittsburgh machine learning startup (Bloomberg)
Toronto legal AI startup ROSS announces $8.7M in Series A funding (Tech Crunch)
Toronto startup Deep Genomics announces funding to cure genetic disorders with AI
(The Globe & Mail-Paywall)
AI pharma company Recursion Pharma announces its second round of funding for 2017

Knowledge is power.

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