Machine Learning Monthly: September 2017

17 September, 2017

It's been a whirlwind month with our series A funding announcement. The excitement and enthusiasm at HQ is palpable - we're eager to deliver more business value driven deep learning solutions to a wider client base!

It was an awesome cherry on top to have our CTO Victor Anjos awarded Best Tech Manager in Toronto by Tech in Motion. Congrats Victor!

The Big Picture

AI is influencing chip makers' approach to design (NYT)                                                                                        Seven Deadly Sins of Predicting the Future of AI (Rodney Brooks)
Facebook comes to Canada for the next AI breakthrough (MIT TR)
AI: Scary for the right reasons (Vinod Khosla)
The importance of keeping humans in the AI equation (Quartz) Funding + Hiring

Take a look at the internal email we sent to the team to get more insight on the founders' plan for the "rocket fuel".
There's been overwhelming interest in the many roles we're looking to hire, but it's not too late for you to apply! We've got the best work culture and we're deploying cutting edge models for complex business verticals. Your move.

 Machine Learning In Industry

Blue River Technologies to help apply ML to agriculture (John Deere)
Executive survey reveals how businesses succeed with AI (HBR)
Disney uses ML to boost customer experience (Forbes)
A peek at Alphabet's self-driving venture (Atlantic)
How Netflix's recommendation algorithm works (Wired)
Bitmain: World's leading bitcoin miner wants to get into AI (Quartz)

Machine Learning Research

Google Brain team did another AMA (Reddit)
New ecosystem for interchangeable AI frameworks (Facebook)
Detecting malicious requests with Keras & TensorFlow (Medium)
Heart disease diagnosis with deep learning (InsightDataScience)
Hacks for training reinforcement learning systems (William Falcon)
Toolkit for controlling Euro Truck Simulator 2 with python to develop self-driving algorithms (MarsAuto)

Engaging research papers we've been digesting this month:

Learning to plan chemical syntheses
Very fast training of residual networks using large learning rates
Fast reinforcement learning via slow reinforcement learning
Scalable trust-region method for deep reinforcement learning using Kornecker-factored approximation                           A class-enhanced attentive response approach for explaining and visualizing deep learning-driven stock market prediction

Machine Learning Monetized

IBM to make $240M investment in new AI lab with MIT (MIT News)                                                                    Facebook commits $2.6M to CIFAR
Gritstone Oncology secures $92.7M series (BusinessWire)
HouseCanary nets $31M series B for AI valuation (Forbes)
Sophia Genetics raises $30M for AI healthcare platform (BusinessInsider) raises $13M for decision-making AI platform (TechCrunch)

Knowledge is power

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