Remodelling insurance with deep learning: Announcing our new partnership with Symbility

August 2 2017

As an industry with one of the lowest customer satisfaction rates, insurance is due for some dramatic reconstruction.

Today we’re excited to announce a new partnership with Symbility (TSX.V: SY), a global provider of technology solutions for insurance. Our partnership will accelerate Symbility’s incorporation of deep learning as a core part of their business. Designed for real-world impact, our partnership will also bring the insurance industry up-to-speed to meet today’s dynamic pace.

Our work with Symbility has already demonstrated to us hands-on that insurance is a key industry for developing deep learning applications. With extensive data resources and a diverse range of use cases, the industry is a particularly good match for deep learning solutions that generate both immediate and sustainable value. So far, our collaboration with Symbility has resulted in an extensive roadmap of potential use cases for deep learning. Each of these use cases is built on a comprehensive understanding of Symbility’s distinct business context, data resources and long-term vision for internal capabilities.

In our work with Symbility’s business and technical teams, we zoomed in on four solutions especially well-suited for rapid building and deployment:

  • Augmenting claims management: Developing deep learning tools to streamline and enhance claim accuracy and consistency. Accelerated time to completion would simplify the process of filing claims for insurers, clients and employees.
  • Streamlining insurance adjustor toolkits: Building deep learning capabilities into adjustor workflows, significantly boosting their ability to produce accurate measurements, diagrams and annotations for claims. Again would result in faster claims processing and enhanced user experience for both employees and policyholders.
  • Automating business intelligence: Accelerated time to actionable insights from data using deep learning to generate business reports.
  • Personalizing the claims experience: Analyzing customer data with deep learning to create personalized services for policyholders based on their distinct situation, resulting in enhanced customer experiences

Building Blocks: Approaching Deep Learning as a Process

We knew deep learning at Symbility couldn’t be an overnight success story. (Word to the wise: this rings true for any enterprise.) It could happen rapidly, but not without first setting up the right foundation. With this in mind, we first engaged their business and technical teams in our collaborative IDA (Interactive Design & Assessment) Phase.

How it worked:

  1.’s team surveyed Symbility’s current data resources and assessed them for their current suitability for deep learning applications.
  2. We then assembled a comprehensive perspective on Symbility and insurance through a series of interviews and workshops with teams across various business verticals. also helped teams advance their deep learning knowledge with a series of hands-on workshops about the technology and its impact.
  3. With foundational knowledge of the business, data and deep learning in place, we collaborated with Symbility to ideate dozens of deep learning use cases customized for the business and industry more broadly. We also zeroed in on a long-term vision for deep learning at Symbility: providing insurers with a comprehensive set of ‘zero-touch’ claims tools powered by deep learning.
  4. After creating dozens of high-potential use cases with Symbility, we assessed each for its feasibility, value and impact. From there, we created a roadmap of applications designed to materialize Symbility’s long-term vision for zero touch claims.

At its core, our IDA sets out to empower enterprises by providing them the ability to understand and customize deep learning from their distinct business perspective. We’ve been delighted to complete an IDA with Symbility since we truly believe it establishes the necessary foundation for building real-world results with deep learning: an in-depth understanding of the real-world environment the technology will become a part of.

Next Steps for and Symbility

Our collaboration with Symbility marks the beginning of a multi-year deployment phase of deep learning applications. Now that we’ve completed the partnership’s initial IDA phase, we’re getting started on the next: building and deploying the first deep learning solution at Symbility. Once deployed, the first solution will generate rapid business impact and provide momentum for future deployments on Symbility’s roadmap. Using our platform Frontiers to streamline the deployment process, our team will help Symbility rapidly put their first deep learning application into production in the coming months.

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